Bellavia Shower Enclosure

The Door Does Not Only Have To Be Water

The shower doors that are produced are crafted from the finest quality materials to help them withstand water leakage and any other eventuality. This will keep your bathroom clean and free of dampness. They are very easy to install, even for the novice user. They come with a guarantee for any defects in material or workmanship within the first year.

The door does not only have to be water resistant but it should also look beautiful. The designs available can transform any bathroom into something classy and sophisticated. Custom shower doors can also be ordered, to exactly match your cabinetry and sink. The glass should be glazed to create a dazzling effect, giving your bathroom a makeover.

The frames used to make the doors can be replaced easily, when required. You could also get glass that is double-paned, providing even more protection. The hardware can be either left in place or attached to the frame. The hinges and locks can be replaced, if required, and the slats replaced to suit your convenience. It should be noted that there are some doors that cannot be opened from the inside.

If you want to go all out, consider getting the special 'factory opened' door. They are not as common as the other doors but are extremely luxurious and provide that sense of luxury and class that you have been looking for. In fact, many people who have bought them have ended up using them in custom shower room china their own homes! You can also have custom-made doors fitted, giving you that extra personal touch.

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