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Non-standard customized production of shower room

The biggest difference from other sanitary products is that it cannot be standardized on the assembly line. As each consumer has a different bathroom area in his home, he naturally needs to have different specifications for the size of the shower room. The production of a shower room needs to collect the needs of customers with different specifications, feedback from the terminal market to the manufacturer, and then the manufacturer will customize it.

The circulation cost and time in the middle are very obvious. The non-standard customized production of Recessed Shower Door shower rooms has caused the current market situation of high prices. Therefore, many domestic manufacturers focused their attention on foreign markets at the beginning of their establishment. Now, as the purchasing power of the domestic market is gradually increasing, while foreign economic downturns and anti-dumping have inhibited product exports, these companies are challenging their strategies and digging into the domestic market. . It is understood that many domestic powerful sanitary ware companies do not unintentionally get involved in the shower room industry, but hesitate because the industry has not been able to quantify production through assembly lines for a long time.

Now, with the close cooperation between production areas, these companies are expected to learn from each other's strengths and achieve a win-win situation of double development. On the other hand, the old situation in the shower room industry also makes companies pay more attention to product development and excellence. The user experience of sliding doors, the permeability of glass materials, and the pressure-bearing capacity of alloy materials have all become areas that enterprises need to improve.

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